Technology: iTunes comes to Samsung TVs

Apple's priorities change after finding that the iPhone's growth peaked two years ago.

Apple has signed a collaboration agreement with Samsung, its main rival in the mobile phone market. In the coming months, the owners of a Samsung TV last generation will be able to access the entire catalog of movies and series of iTunes, as well as being able to send multimedia content from the iPhone or iPad to the TV through the AirPlay 2 standard.

The application is programmed for the Samsung Tizen platform and exploits all the possibilities of televisions such as the use of the virtual assistant Bixby . Until now, Apple only offered access to its contents through the iTunes application included in all its products or Windows computers, and the only way to see them on the TV was through an Apple TV.

The collaboration may surprise because of the history of litigation between both companies for plagiarism and their position as direct rivals in the mobile phone market, but it is a maneuver that shows how Apple has changed and what is its priority in the present and in the future : your growing service business.

In Cupertino, the products have always been defined by the inseparable union of software and hardware , worked from beginning to end to offer something unique in the business of selling smartphones, tablets and computers. But the company's priorities have changed, it is no longer a company that sells computers and phones: the iPhone's growth peaked two years ago, but its services business grew 27% in the last quarter .

Soon service revenues will be a business greater than the sum of revenue generated by Mac and iPad. The services are no longer a simple bonus that encourages the sale of devices. Apple wants to increase its user base, and Samsung is a perfect candidate for being the leading brand in number of units sold per year in numerous key markets and for its presence and offer in the premium segment, where the best customers are potentially those that are more likely to have a product from the US company.

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