Toyota recalls 1 million vehicles over fire risk

Toyota recalls almost a million hybrid cars due to fire risk. 

An official note of the car company announces the recall, but to date no recorded fire situation. Toyota has announced to the press that they are proceeding with the withdrawal of at least one million cars produced by them: the reason for the recall concerns a wiring problem that could ignite the defective vehicle. 

Several models are recalled, in particular those produced in Japan from 2015 until May 2018. Translated into numbers, we are talking about 554 thousand cars that today occupy the streets of Japan and 192 thousand that circulate in the United States. Going into the recall in question, Toyota has announced that some of the Prius models are also part of the collection, that is the hybrid one very widespread also in Europe, besides obviously the first mentioned Japan and North America.

But it does not end here, because the recall also mentions the SUV C-HR sold in Japan and Australia, a model much appreciated for its characteristics also in Europe.

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