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2019 Jaguar F-Pace 

Prince Harry Jaguar 

Golden Jaguar Marvel 

Delta Futurist: the return of the queen of the Rally

Presented yesterday at the Motor Show Gran Basel, the Futurist, represents a modern reinterpretation. Who says dreams are not achievable? The latest in order to be able to say that he has achieved his dream is Eugenio Amos, owner of Automobili Amos, who has been promoting the hashtag #makeLanciagreatagain on Instagram for years, claiming the relaunch of the Italian brand.

The Italian entrepreneur, as well as a proud owner of some very rare cars, is also a very attentive person to detail and who likes to go against the current. An example? Last winter he took his Ferrari F40 Rossa, as usual, and made it completely repaint in pine green. The result? One of the most beautiful and particular F40 that can be found on the market.
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