Lego has built a 1: 1 scale Bugatti Chiron

1 million lego bricks to recreate a functioning Bugatti Chiron that can be driven. Lego , the renowned and now famous company that for years entertains and fascinates its customers with its plastic bricks, has managed to amaze once again. Numerous sculptures have been reproduced over the years by the same company, but this time the team of builders has managed to really exceed all expectations.

In just 6 months of work, the team managed to build a realistic and detailed representation of the fast Bugatti Chiron , in 1: 1 scale. The real news, however, is not just this, since many full-scale reproductions have been made of real-scale reproductions. To have fascinated many people, in addition to the detailed reproduction of the model, it is the possibility that the car has to be driven as if it were a real car.

One of the obvious and obvious differences is that, contrary to the 420 kilometers per hour reachable by the real Bugatti Chiron, this reproduction made of Lego Technic manages to reach a maximum speed of about 20 kilometers per hour.
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