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2019 Porsche Macan 

Fiat Punto, the end of an era: farewell to the car

The SUV of Maserati should take the place of the car as a product of the plants in Basilicata.

FIAT Punto: 2018last stage of a history that lasted almost twenty-five years. A long route that, under the historical profile, has marked many stages but that has been crosswise through the Turin house. 

So many names assumed over time (Grande Punto and Evo, forexample), but it has never changed the substance of a model that had replaced another iconic product of theFiathouse: the One. The Panda remains the flag bearer of the Turin utility cars, because by decision of Marchionnethe Punto will not be replaced by a similar model.

 InMelfi, meanwhile, where the car was produced, the forecasts on which car will be produced in the big factories of the house have startedFCA present in Basilicata.

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