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Suzuki Vitara Detailed Review

Suzuki and Mazda admit frauds in pollutant emissions tests in Japan

Brands join Mitsubishi, Subaru and Nissan in the "club" of the automakers that changed results Suzuki and Mazda have manipulated results in fuel economy and pollutant emissions tests in Japan.

The manufacturers discovered irregularities in the tests after the Japanese government asked all assemblers to evaluate their quality control procedures. The Yamaha motorcycle maker also acknowledged fraud in its tests.

The request came after Nissan and Subaru announced problems in pollutant emissions testing. Mitsubishi had also recognized flaws in its internal procedures.

Suzuki has detected non-conformities in the tests at 6,401 units of a sample of 12,819 units inspected since 2012. Mazda has identified 72 irregular vehicles in 1,875 units since 2014. On Thursday (9), the president of Suzuki, Toshihiro Suzuki, apologized.
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