Showbiz: Scarlett Johansson is the world's highest paid actress

Actress  Scarlett Johansson  ( "The Night is Delas" ) will receive a record salary for her role in  " Black Widow , " a solo heroine film (via  Daily Mail ). Her contract with Marvel Studios  will be extended in order for the film to be made. The studio plans to pay Johansson the highest salary among Hollywood actresses , a total of $ 25 million .

Black Widow | Scarlett Johansson to receive record salary for film

Disney believes that "Black Widow" will surpass " Wonder Woman " at the box office, so much so that Johansson will also receive a bonus of $ 6 millionif the film exceeds the $ 900 million mark, thus exceeding the revenue earned by the Warner  film  about the heroine of DC Comics .

The Black Widow character is one of the oldest members of the Marvel Cinematographic Universe . His first appearance in  MCU  was in  "Iron Man 2" , having appeared later in five other films. Scarlett Johansson has already completed her filming of  "Avengers: Infinite War"  and  "Avengers 4" , but the truth is that these films will not determine the end of the character in this shared universe.

Jac Schaeffer ( "Olaf in a New Frozen Freeze" ) is preparing to write the screenplay for the film. She and Johansson will meet in the coming weeks to discuss and develop the story. Johansson will also be credited as a producer.

"Black Widow" still has no release forecast.
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