News: McSkillet, Popular American Youtuber, Dies In Car Crash

The young man was famous in the world of games, drove the car against a speed greater than 160km / h. The well known American YouTuber, McSkillet , just 18, died in a car accident . The vehicle he drove was coming in and hit another in the state of California, in the United States. The YouTuber, had recently released on their social networks the photo of their new car, a powerful sport vehicle McLaren brand.

 YouTuber McSkillet dies in a car crash

At the time of the accident, in addition to the driver traveling in the opposite direction, the car was at a speed of 160km / h. McSkillet's vehicle collided head-on with another. In addition to the death of YouTuber, the accident unfortunately led to the death of two more people, Alieen Pizarro, 43, and her 12-year-old daughter Ariana.

In an interview for the American network CBS News, the son of Alieen Pizarro lamented the deaths and classified his sister and mother as being the kindest and most affectionate people in the universe.

What the investigations about the death of YouTuber say?

The local police only confirmed until now that YouTuber was driving at a speed of more than 160km / h, and that the driver was actually driving with the car. According to witnesses, the crash occurred on the Intersate 805 motorway linking the major American cities of San Diego and Los Angeles.

Who was YouTuber McSkillet?

On his YouTube channel, the young man was known as McSkillet, but his real name was Trevor Heitmann. A young celebrity in the world of video games, but more specifically as a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, a shooter is played in the first person in the multiplayer system, that is, players play simultaneously online.

In the game we have two teams battling, the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. Counter-Striker is played and known worldwide.

In its YouTube channel , where it posted videos playing and giving tips to Internet users about the tricks of the game Counter-Strike, is followed by more than 900 thousand people. In another social network, Twitter, the young counted on more than 300 thousand followers. Youtuber fans lamented the deaths on social networks.

YouTuber, according to messages from friends posted on their social networks, was trying to overcome mental problems before the accident.

Financial problems related to the commercial prohibition of the company that develops the game Counter-Strike, prohibiting the sale of any content related to the game without its authorization are also speculated. Because of this problem, McSkillet did not post new videos on YouTube for months.
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