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'Nail Sunny' showcased a video on social network showing the controversial process, which ended up causing heated reactions from Internet users. According to information released by the sites Daily Mail and Business Insider, a Russian manicure salon, famous on the internet for its most varied - and even unusual - creations, recently released a video showing something somewhat controversial: a step by step where you can see the making of hollow false nails containing live ants inside.

 Nails Filled With Live Ants

The strange idea was proposed by Nail Sunny ("Naha Sunny"), based in Moscow, which, in its virtual page, proclaims itself a "nail and beauty art studio ". Some of the models presented by the show are quite unusual and may even be considered bizarre, as can be seen in these posts published in the company's official Instagram, which currently has almost two million followers around the world.

However, one of the last creations of the hall is causing controversy online , as it was said above, uses live insects, and in the opinion of many citizens, the new concept is an act of cruelty against defenseless animals.

Encapsulating ants inside nails

The live insect manicure video demonstrates that first long, almost tubular, acrylic extensions are glued onto natural nails, and then a thin flat plastic is fused with the aid of ultraviolet (UV) light on the base still opening of the false extensions - thus a hollow space is created, leaving only a small hole in the tip of each nail.

Next, the ants - which were previously captured using a forceps - are introduced into each nail through respective apertures, which are ultimately sealed to keep the animals trapped.

In the description of the footage available on Instagram, Nail Sunny staff stated that "no animal was injured during the making of this video," and another footage published in the studio profile shows that afterwards the ants were all released.

However, the fact that insects have been returned to nature has not calmed the fury of Internet users (the commentary area of ​​the first released footage already has tens of thousands of comments), who wrote heated texts beneath both videos - in their great majority condemning the attitude of the hall.

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