Lifestyle: Defend Yourself From Fake News By Fighting Stress

Psychologists suggest intervening on anxiety to be able to recognize fake news. Every day we witness an impetuous and scandalous spread of fake news on Social Media. The shares of these articles are really exorbitant: thousands if not millions of users believe the news, confusing it for real. The tendency to seek and share news that is consistent with our thinking and not accepting elements that disprove it is called Debunking.

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This phenomenon has been explained by the American psychologists who, gathered for the American Psychological Association convetion, told how this problem originates from childhood and anxiety and from stress to which we expose ourselves every day.

So how is it possible to defend ourselves against fake news? According to the study published by the team of American psychologists, it is simply enough reduce anxiety .

Fight against fake news from childhood

What needs to be done to be less vulnerable to fake news? To learn how to discover and remove them you must intervene from an early age reducing fiction games. "Children often interpret something that is not real, such as family play," psychologists explain.

In the age of adolescence critical thinking develops and one begins to question the convictions matured by children and the relationship with the family.

"Contesting a parent at that age can create frictions in the family and, despite the evidence, some may decide to rationalize false beliefs so as not to upset the parents". This means that the prejudices acquired by children can be accepted and become their frame of reference.

The fake news have always existed and not dependent on the onset of the ' era of social networks . The latter, highlighted Mark Whitmore, professor at the University of Kent, have only made the situation worse. The huge amount of news, often contradictory, that the user is faced with daily, make it easier to rely on false news rather than a complex reality.

Enough anxiety, just fake news!

How to counter fake news ? Psychologists, as we have mentioned before, point to the reduction of anxiety and laziness. For Whitemore, humor could be a positive form of defense: watching a comedy show can help us reduce stress and anxiety. Another strategy is that of 'sublimation': channeling negative feelings into the realization of something positive, for example by engaging in a social cause.

Finally, psychologists advise to always keep an 'open mind', exposing themselves and learning to accept different points of view from their own. With these little daily precautions we will be able to guess if the news we are facing is true or false.
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