The first details of the very first full-electric of the Stuttgart house has been released, promising performance from a true Porsche and a 500 km range. That the future of Porsche is the electric is known for some time. The Porsche car fleet now includes various hybrids, but still falling within the SUV or sedan categories. The general idea of ​​the horse house is to totally electrify or hybridize all future vehicles.


PORSCHE TAYCAN: With the Model S in the viewfinder

As previously said the Taycan was conceived and designed to remove the sales Tesla Model S . In order to succeed, Porsche engineers had to concentrate on three areas: autonomy, fast charging [VIDEO] and true Porsche performance . As for the performance under the body we find two synchronous electric motors, one per axle, which guarantee the four-wheel drive , the torque vectoring and a total power of 600 horses . From 0 to 100 covered in 3.5 seconds and 0 to 200 in less than 12 seconds.

The autonomy is guaranteed by a battery pack on the bottom of the car of 350 kW, which will guarantee a range of more than 500 km (no one knows whether in the WLTP or NEDC cycle). The ultra-fast charging will be guaranteed by the CCS (Combined Charging System) of 350kW, which will guarantee 80% of maximum autonomy with only 15 minutes of charge.

PORSCHE TAYCAN: Fundamental for the future

The Taycan will be a key model for the future of Porsche. Estimates, and hopes. Zuffenhausen expects to sell more than 20,000 models a year of the electric sedan, or more or less two thirds of sales of the famous and historic 911. To secure certain numbers the German company has made more than 100 prototypes of the Taycan, which they were made exclusively in Zuffenhausen by 40 selected and silent specialists.

The forklifts of the electric sedan have been seen cruising in different environments, from the track to the north pole and various deserts, to ensure that the powertrain is reliable and respects reliability in all driving conditions. The prices of Taycan have not yet been revealed, but knowing the Porsche prices will not be less than 150,000 euros.
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