Health: A study says that electronic cigarettes can damage DNA

Researchers from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, USA, identified three chemical compounds harmful to DNA. Researchers from a University of Minnesota , reported that there are three elements that damage DNA and are present in the mouth of those who use electronic cigarettes . The elements are formaldehyde, Acrolein and Methylglyoxal, and have a destructive effect on the human body, which is why this research puts all smokers on alert.

 Electronic cigarette smoke could damage your DNA

The scientists studied people who use electronic cigarettes to get the first results. They analyzed saliva samples from the mouth in search of chemical substances that are known to damage DNA, by known methods.

The results showed that most showed DNA damage due to acrolein

This destruction is known as a DNA adduct , and is due to the action of harmful chemicals, so much so that if the cell does not repair the damage, cancer can occur. The damaged cells can replicate information and corrupting other cells. The study is based on the samples of each individual and it is no coincidence that most of the samples suffer the same damages and for the same reasons.

Young people and adults use electronic cigarettes

Due to the alarming results, the researchers want to expand these studies and use many more smokers to check the results. The users of electronic cigarettes do not know perhaps the risks that smoking has and worse still, to use this type of cigarettes.

Although most people have heard that smoking gives cancer, many think that it only gives to certain people and not to the majority.

Electronic cigarettes can cause cancer

The author of the study, Romel Dator , warns that it is not known exactly what is the total effect of electronic cigarettes on health and that is why it is necessary to study them closely. In addition, the use of these cigarettes increases every day, so much so that in the United States statistics show that the percentage of children and young people up to 24 years of age who use electronic cigarettes, is higher with respect to adult smokers.

The risk of DNA damage and the consequences that arise from this, the diseases related to carcinogenic diseases, increase, and more serious is the situation in those who start smoking from very young, even to be children. The study also allows to point out the most toxic and dangerous components found in these cigarettes and whose destruction on DNA has already been demonstrated.
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