Social Media: 11 AWESOME New Facebook Tricks You Should Know

11 AWESOME New Facebook Tricks You Should Know

Facebook will have voice recognition

The functionality will also be implemented in the messaging application.

The TechCrunch is moving forward with the news that Facebook is to develop a voice recognition system in order to implement it not only in your social network as well as in the respective messaging app, Messenger.

The feature was discovered by researcher Jane Wong , who discovered it in the latest version of the Facebook application for Android. For now the system seems to be being developed to allow users to write only with voice. Moreover, the fact that it can be used in conjunction with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices means that Facebook really wants to bet on home-made columns like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

For now, Facebook's plans are still unclear. While on the one hand it is likely that the company will in fact implement a voice recognition system, the possibility of launching its own homemade column is a little more 'lean'.
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