Which Is First Bank To Use 'Bitcoin' For Internationals Loans?

According to Reuters , The Digital Bank will use the main Cryptocurrency of the world, Bitcoin, only to transfer the credit funds quickly. Because Bitcoin is not the currency in which the loans will be made; this with the objective of not compromising the amount of the credits before the volatility of BTC.

A project that emerges as an alternative to "escape" the international financial communications network swift. The German digital bank 'Bitbond', which makes loans to small and medium-sized companies through Bitcoin, announced that it will execute loan transactions on an international scale through this technology.

This means that they are using Bitcoin as a credit transfer method in fiat currency; a business scheme that was approved by the banking authority of Germany, which has been in operation since 2013 and attracted German investment angel Christian Vollmann , who participates in projects such as Trivago, nebenan.de and Code University.
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