Imagine the surprise that the staff at Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum (Poland) and Memorial had to discover that an item that was part of the collection of the institution hid a secret for more than 70 years! The object in question is a mug that belonged to one of the many Jews who were sent to the notorious concentration camp and after being X-rayed revealed that something that went unnoticed by the Nazis - and by all the rest - during all this time! Look:

Hidden Place

According to Camila Domonoske, from the site NPR, the mug has a false bottom and, under it, were carefully hidden a gold necklace and a ring of the same material inlaid with precious stones. And what is the story of this fascinating tool? According to Camila, when the first prisoners began to be sent to the concentration camps, they heard from the Nazis who were being relocated to work and live in other locations.

The prisoners were even allowed to carry some luggage, and believing they were moving elsewhere, of course the vast majority of them included in their suitcases their most valuable belongings. And this was what the Germans expected the prisoners to do-so much so that when these people reached  Auschwitz or another death camp, all their possessions were confiscated by the Nazis.

The collection's mug is one of the thousands of items confiscated in the concentration camp and the fact that it conceals so valuable pieces to the person who hid them there shows that whoever kept the jewels probably hoped one day to escape the Nazis and start afresh after the war. And that is rather sad, since the person who had the mug confiscated is probably among the more than one million people who lost their lives in Auschwitz.

On the other hand, is not it incredible that, even after more than seven decades since the concentration camp was released, historians and curators of the collections still discover relics left by the victims?

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