News: His dog dies, the 14 year old hangs himself

Seb Morris was found lifeless in his bedroom by his mother Claire. He could not stand the pain of his dog's death and took his life. The dramatic episode occurred in a house in Taunton , Somerset.

Seb Morris was 14 and was a big fan of boxing. After the death of the dog, however, his life was no longer the same. He could not quite forget his four-legged friend and decided to do away with it. Seb hanged himself in his bedroom.

The first to find the young body's lifeless body was the mother Claire. A strong shock to the English woman, who had already faced mourning for Tilly's death, her dog.

The death of his dog had seriously tried the English teenager. Before hanging himself, Seb had tried to commit suicide by taking high doses of paracetamol . Yet the boy was surrounded by so much love. Everyone loved him: friends, classmates and parents. Claire reported that her son had no connection with his natural father and considered his new partner, Paul, the 'best dad he ever had'.

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