Journey to the adventure? Here's what you can't miss in your backpack

If you are planning a backpacking trip, here's what you can not absolutely forget to bring with you. Those who love adventure trips, those with backpackers and planning reduced to a minimum, know: there are objects that bring with them is essential , and that allow you to get by in every situation. Here are what they are, inspired by those - backpacker travel - if they intend.

Will Hutton, an entrepreneur and adventurer who has been traveling around the world in the company of his backpack for ten years, has drawn up a list of the ever-without-ones ever . First of all, it suggests a solution to keep your money safe: on sale, you can find belts to put on your trousers, which must not be removed from security checks and which hide pockets to put wallets or bills in. A very useful stratagem, especially if you travel in countries where pickpockets are not an impossible possibility.

Another essential tool to put in the backpack is the Swiss army knife: choose a compact one, which you can also keep in your pocket, and above all, aim at a multi-function model, which can serve as a cutlery, knife, open-bottles, plier, from a small pile.

A tool reserved for real adventurers is the head torch, perfect if you are planning excursions in caves or caverns or if you ride or walk in the dark.

For a backpacking trip, even a BUFF can be very useful. It is a sort of tubular handkerchief, usable as a mask for the eyes - when you want to sleep during a trip with other people, or in the hostel -, as a cloth to wipe sweat, as a scarf or as a Bandana . You could then need a spare battery for your cell phone , a k-way that rolls into a compact bag, a microfiber towel and .... of playing cards , to spend the evenings at the campsite or in the hostel, surrounded by new friends that an experience of this kind offers.

Of course, do not forget to put a pair of sunglasses in your backpack, the GoPro and a notebook for notes, to bring home the images and the sensations of your wonderful journey.
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