Instagram down: Why did the social network stop working?

Problems for Instagram, with users complaining about social media making the '#Instadown' hashtag viral.

Instagram stops working: what happened?

A hitch that has also turned the other social networks upside down: all looking for information about what happened to the Instagram feed?

Responding to the questions we thought "downdetector", specialized in the collection of reports on problems and malfunctions, which reported on the app 40% of feed updates and 18% of logins today. Italy was one of the many countries targeted: reports from Chile, France, Germany, and several others. After a few hours of fear, the application of the records and belonging to the Facebook group has resumed working with the hashtag '' Instagramdown '' still viral.

The assumptions about the problem encountered yesterday were really many and countless, especially formulated by all those who with the app monetize us and earn us discrete figures: several claim that there was a general bug that would have thrown the users into a panic , but that concerns some 'test' by those who work with the application.
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