How to make money with WhatsApp Business?

The technology has come to make life easier for people and especially business. One such feature is the WhatsApp application. Many applications have been developed to make life easier for users , especially in the business area. One of these features is related to the WhatsApp application , which, in addition to being used for messaging, also works to help users earn extra income with WhatsApp Business .

This app is designed so that small business owners can interact more dynamically with their customers. Application developers claim that the tool aims at the business side of the business and has been launched in the market so that companies can enjoy its benefits.

Nowadays, most of the small and medium business are taking advantage of the tool to interact with their customers, ask questions, sell products, send messages, prospect and retain new customers. The version, which is only for the Android device , has many qualities that help the day to day entrepreneurs.

Main features of WhatsApp Business

You can create a company profile with the information you need, such as the location of the business address, telephone contact, e-mail address, and other information. In addition, the platform helps its users to organize and monitor their main contacts.

The switch to fast messaging enables entrepreneurs to save their messages and they are answered more often.

In addition, users receive the daily flow of messages sent to recipients and answered.

WhatsApp Business: sales funnel

The platform also benefits the development of a label capable of conducting customer prospecting through contact with the company. In this way, the entrepreneur can better organize his activities, taking into consideration the contract that the customers have with the company.

The entrepreneur can divide as follows:

  • - loyal customers
  • - prospecting of new customers;
  • - doubts;
  • - sales confirmation.

These applications help the application to operate by choosing the clients to be approached according to their profiles. This makes life easier for those who will answer the main questions.

In addition, the platform allows the company to send the major product promotions to consumers. Another benefit of WhatsApp Business is related to the fact that the entrepreneur can present the main qualities of the product to be sold with customized care.

How to use landline in app

When it comes to serving customers, many companies do not like to generate a new phone number to contact. With that in mind, WhatsApp Business allows the entrepreneur to add the landline number in the company description.

To do this, simply download the application on your phone, access the authorization option to add a new phone number and click continue. Then enter the company name, enter the contact numbers and click forward. At the time, the entrepreneur will be directed to the application home page and can start conversations with clients immediately.
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