Green Tea: It really makes you slim?

The consumption of green tea can bring numerous health benefits; see below. Most people have certainly come across some matter about green tea promising weight loss. And even with advertisements for slimming products that contain tea in its composition. Well, the great question is whether this is really true?

Among all the benefits that tea properties provide are also improved bowel function and digestion process. The diuretic and antioxidant effect together causes the body to eliminate excess fluids and provide a reduction in measurements.

All these advantages make weight loss and reduction of measures happen, but as already mentioned, there are several other interests allied to the consumption of green tea in addition.

Improving mood is also a great consequence of consuming this wonderful drink. It also includes prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and reduces the risk of infections.

The most suitable and conducive moment of tea is between meals. The worst time is at night due to the risk of insomnia, because the quality of the drink makes the body more alert. It is recommended to consume about one to three cups a day, which equals 240ml, to enjoy all the benefits offered. Taking more than five cups, for example, is not recommended.

As everything has its pros and cons, green tea can cause, in the consumption in exaggeration, tachycardia, increased pressure, nausea and nausea. It is also worth paying attention if there is the intake of some regular medication as to the interaction with the tea in the body.

In front of all the information, what counts is to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages and see what suits the needs of each one and to enjoy or not of all these benefits.
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