Five road safety companies that are setting trends

These road safety companies are the finalists of about 60 projects that have been submitted to the last Entrepreneurship and Road Safety Award, with which they try to promote entrepreneurial businesses in this area. Moreover, they have been chosen for their innovation, their contribution to the improvement of road safety and their viability as a company.

1. Closca Design 

The winner of the contest (endowed with 20,000 euros for lost funds and support in training and mentoring) has been this Valencian company that designs and markets a folding bicycle case. It is also an item that can be converted into an object of desire by many cyclists, because of the attractive design it has.

The company wants to promote the use of the helmet in the urban commutes of adults with this folding product that occupies 50% of the habitual thing without it undergoes at any moment the security of the cyclist.

2. E-rescue

The company that has been in second place is this post-accident safety system that is installed on buses and that helps reduce the consequences of a loss by half. The innovator is that it converts the seats of the vehicles into a device for immobilization and removal of the victims, thus facilitating the evacuation of the victims to the emergency teams.

3. Bikersafe

This system of eCall for motorcycles has remained among the three finalists, along with the other two listed below. Bikersafe reduces the severity of accidents thanks to a bracelet of typemartband that records the impact and makes the user interface for other operations.

It also includes an associated app that allows other configurations and access to a network of users with which the rider can communicate.

4. Sim Training

It is an online platform designed to promote road education among students between 4 and 18 years of age. The platform contains a comprehensive road safety education system for application in the school and can be used in simulators of the latest technology, 3D images and virtual reality.

5. Xentinel

It is an artificial vision device that helps detect distractions, drowsiness and fatigue in the driver. The driver is monitored through an infrared camera and alerts him in a sonorous manner when distracting or micro-sleep symptoms appear, among others, to avoid accidents due to these causes.
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