Do you travel alone? Here are all the tips to make you feel safe

Nowadays more and more people decide to leave for adventure. But there are some tips that it is good to follow to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Do you want to leave everything and everyone and leave for a solo trip ? Whether it's a holiday of a few days or a long months experience looking for yourself or the beauties of the world, it is useful to follow some tips to move safely , avoiding annoyances and unpleasant situations.

The first and most important? 

Stay in structures that are located in quiet areas, without running the risk of going into places that are not beaten, be they an isolated road or a dark station.

The ideal would be to make friends in the place where you are, but do not overdo the stories. With people you have just met, it is always advisable to maintain a little privacy, without providing personal data or detailed information about your trip .

Opt for comfortable clothes. While choosing your look, however, take into account  where you are going.  If you want to visit a church or a mosque for example, forget shorts and skimpy clothes. Password, decoration. Wear a scarf or scarf to cover the shoulders and wear a long skirt or trousers.

To be able to communicate and ask for directions, learn some typical phrases in the local language . It does not matter if you are not perfect in pronunciation. However, it will be easier to make yourself understood.

Free yourself from preconceptions and let yourself be guided by instinct and curiosity. Even with regard to food, do not be afraid to taste what the locals eat .

An uncomfortable journey is never pleasant. Go with light and practical luggage to facilitate your travel without getting tired too much. Search, as far as possible, to move without carrying valuables . Whether it's a new generation cell phone or a jewel, it's best to avoid attracting attention, attracting the attention of the bad guy on duty.

Be careful of money too: put only what you want to spend in your pocket. Equipped with a practical money belt , perfect to be used as a safe wallet in crowded places, and  bags closed with different compartments , so you can store the most important objects.

After shooting a lot, you'll also want to relax a bit. The ideal companion for any trip is a good book or an e-book . On the beach, in the hotel, on vehicles, reading is always pleasant.

To avoid any problem it is good to have all the documents with you

Make a copy before leaving , do not always bring them along but leave them safe where you live. In the case of trips to distant places, in addition to keeping your loved ones constantly updated, do not forget to register at your embassy : if anything happens, at least they can come and look for you.
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