'Bitcoin Blues': When Bitcoin causes nerve attacks!

Bitcoin, Ripple or Etherum? These electronic currencies made a sensational debut last year by literally exploding on the international financial scene. You need to have your heart firmly attached to support the "YoYo!" movements of these Cryptocurrencies.

These currencies, which some people initially used as an object of speculation, are dizzying because of their very high volatility.  Last year, the Cryptocurrency star, Bitcoin, jumped from record to record, rising from $ 1,000 in January 2017 to nearly $ 20,000 in mid-December.

Less publicized than Bitcoin, the Ripple , another virtual currency, sprayed the counters by achieving a 36,000% increase in one year!  The performances of these electronic currencies were quickly commented on everywhere on the planet and everyone was ready to invest their savings in the promise of great wealth and easy life.

But of course the price of these virtual currencies has rapidly left the stratospheric levels by dropping sharply at the beginning of the year in international trade and directly training the losers in the practices of the shrinks.

'Bitcoin Blues': The nerves of individuals have been put to the test?

Yes and so much so that we talk about a new syndrome: Bitcoin blues. Because many of those who had bet a lot on these digital currencies plunged into a serious depression often passing by the box divorce.

In South Korea where it is estimated that three out of ten employees have invested in Cryptocurrencies, this social phenomenon is identified as being capable of causing pathological distortions .

Investors in Bitcoin also have the same symptoms as casino players with headaches and loss of sleep and appetite. These symptoms become more pronounced as the devaluation of the course of Bitcoin is felt.

Another type of Bitcoin Blues has been registered with the younger Korean generation: that of bitterly regretting not having bought virtual currency when the prices were at their lowest and who have the feeling today to have let the train of fortune.

'Bitcoin blues' reached France? 

Some countries do not seem at the moment affected by this phenomenon. But when we know that more than 600,000 French people are experiencing problems with gambling addiction, according to a study by the Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction in 2016 , it would not be surprising to see appear identical signs especially if the performances of these virtual currencies were soon recovering to break new records.
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