Let me guess: you were the group mane who did not buy a pre-sale ticket and then could not watch  Deadpool 2 in the week of the movie premiere, right? And I bet he still let them tell you spoilers and now he gave up watching until he left on Netflix. Wade Wilson would be disappointed with you.

Pay close attention to the topics below, my little padawan - you will not miss  Han Solo too please - that now we will present you reasons to watch Deadpool 2 in the cinemas even though all your friends have already seen it. And no, it has no spoilers:

1. Fewer rows

Last week, everyone who did not buy tickets early - even you - ran to theaters trying to secure a spot in the halls. That is: rows. Now that the initial desperation has passed, you can join the "sooner rather than later" group and buy your ticket with a little more peace of mind.

2. You already know that it is not misleading article

Who has never been afraid to go to the movies with the expectation up there and the movie ends up being bad? Deadpool 2 will not offer you this risk! Confess, you've already talked to your friends and know that the film can even surpass the wonderful publicity that was made before the premiere.

And it surpasses a hero dancing ballet next to Celine Dion is difficult. He would already deserve to go to the movies for marketing, even if it was bad. Being good, so ... what are you still doing here?

3. Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin 

Really need to say anything else? They are beautiful, they have chemistry, they act well ... have I already said that they are beautiful? Oh really. RYAN REYNOLDS. MORENA BACCARIN. Obviously you have to watch this movie in the cinema just to see the two of you on the big screen!

4. There is love in 'Deadpool '

If the beauty of the couple does not make you leave the house and run to the cinema, know that deep down (deep down) this movie is a love story, it should do. Reynolds himself said in an interview that this is a movie about love and family, masquerading as a hero movie.

5. Its not family film. But it is. It's complicated!

Deadpool himself considers this a film for the whole family and speaks this several times during the film. But deep down everyone knows that when he's the protagonist of irony, profanity, blood and violence are part of the combo. With such a paradox, how are you sitting in that chair yet, man?

6. Roller coaster of emotions 

By avoiding the spoilers to the maximum here, you will love and hate each character several times during the long. It's a movie of anti-hero, villain, anti-villain and superhero. All together and mixed in the same story. So no matter what your preference, whether the good guys or the evil ones, you will like the movie anyway.

7. Domino steals the scene

You need to meet a super hero who has the only power "to be lucky." In addition to having the most unusual ability ever seen in theaters, the character is played by Zazie Beetz, who gives a beating of beauty and talent throughout the show.
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