Why Samsung is going to launch a Smartphone without Internet?

Samsung releases a smartphone without an internet connection to avoid distracting students.

The Galaxy J2 Pro has been designed to protect the user against the dangers of permanent connection. In France, President Macron has promised to ban cell phones from schools. In South Korea, the giant Samsung has had another idea to save the youngest from the dangers of permanent connection.

The electronics manufacturer has launched a smartphone model with an original feature: it offers no connection to the internet! In the age of 4G and ever more powerful microchips, the Galaxy J2 Pro is targeting the market for people who do not want to be disturbed by the thousand and one online entertainment. The Galaxy J2 Pro has only basic functions: calls, SMS and taking pictures

It is intended primarily for "students who want to avoid distractions of all kinds and seniors concerned about the costs of the mobile Internet," said Samsung in a statement. Coupons for good students Its price: 150 euros approximately. In an original way, Samsung promises high school students who buy the Galaxy J2 Pro coupons on higher-end models of the brand (Galaxy S and Galaxy Note), says the agency YonhapNews

On one condition, however: pass the entrance exam in higher education. The Galaxy J2 Pro will be available from June 13 in Korea, in gold and black colors. It is not known if it will be marketed in France.
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