What should You know before entering a Bank office?

The takeoff of online banking in recent years is reflected in the decrease in the number of offices that entities have at street level. According to the data of the Bank of Spain at the end of 2017 there were 27,320 offices . This figure that would go back to the situation of 1982 and very far from the more than 46,000 there was in September 2008 when the maximum was reached.

Online Banking is already the favorite of many , especially the younger generations, however there are also office customers. Personal treatment is required by many and is something that the online world lacks.

Physical Bank Customers may be interested in some tips before entering the bank office. All of them aim to choose the most suitable product for personal needs.

Tips before hiring a banking product

Ask until you understand everything well

There is a previous task that you will have to do and is to know basic concepts about banking products. It is also advisable to have an idea of ​​the situation of the sector. Once in the bank do not hesitate to ask all the questions you need to understand the characteristics of their products, what that hiring involves or any questions you need to solve.

Do not sign anything that you have not read carefully

Once you know the product to hire, you must sign the contract. Check before signing because you may have more questions or even have implications that for any reason you did not count.

You have negotiating skills

The bank has some standard products but they are not totally rigid, you can negotiate the conditions and you have to take it into account. Working conditions are important for the entity. For example, an indefinite contract, official or seniority are characteristics that expand the ability to negotiate conditions. The savings are also another determining factor to negotiate.

You have to compare products

Entering a Bank, even in a physical way, does not mean that we have to contract a product. It is advisable to know what products the competition has, although there are many categories of products in which there are no large variations, there are others in which there may be important differentiating characteristics. At this point, the work of online comparators helps to shorten the process and do it effectively.

Contemplate the online option

You could enter into the previous point and include yourself in the exercise of comparing what the sector offers. However, it is worth a separate mention as online financial products still cause mistrust in many citizens. Security systems have increased in recent years and the experience of the first customers confirms that it is a viable option. In addition, and very importantly, online banking usually offers very competitive products.

If in spite of following these advice there are doubts to be solved it is highly advisable to go to an independent adviser, even if it means paying for it. In products of such amount as a mortgage or even a savings product that will be contracted with the idea of ​​financially covering something as important as retirement.
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