Trump rejects the 'Press' dinner for the second time and attends a meeting in Michigan

The behavior reflects the huge gap that separates the President from critical media. Far, the further away from the press, the better. President Donald Trump turned his back on the White House correspondents dinner for the second time and instead attended a rally in Michigan, one of his favorite fiefdoms.

An abyss that Trump has not stopped growing since he reached power. The accusations are daily and include from the handicapped fake news to the almost Stalinist label of "enemies of the people".

Since Calvin Coolidge was in attendance in 1924 for the first time, there was hardly any interruption in presidential assistance to the point that before Trump, the last to fail had been Ronald Reagan for the bullet that he received in 1981.

Trump Vs. Media

With Donald Trump, everything has changed. What the first year seemed like a gesture, this has become a habit. And if in 2017 he attended a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, now has come to the city of Washington, in Michigan, one of the states that in the elections of 2016 changed color and facilitated the victory.

Meanwhile, in the capital, comedian Michelle Wolff conducted the gala held at the Hilton Hotel. The president was left with an empty chair. "I would have rather laugh in his face," Wolff said.

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