The interesting collection of children's books written by Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was a tireless person. He studied, wrote, gave lectures, in addition to developing his scientific studies. This time we will talk about the children's books he wrote.

On March 14 died Stephen Hawking , the prestigious physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist and disseminator, recognized as one of the most outstanding scientists of recent times. His work on black holes and his great dedication earned him several awards throughout his career.

Hawking was also a leading scientific popularizer . His style, his peculiar sense of humor (as when he organized a party for travelers in time ) and its simplicity to explain the universe attracted a large number of public on foot ; that is, beyond the scientific spheres.

His informative books such as Brief History Of Time: from the Big Bang To Black Holes , The universe in a nutshell or Brief history of time show his great interest in explaining in simple and close terms the most complex scientific concepts .

This is why the collection of children's books that he wrote with his daughter Lucy is one that we must not lose sight of. And it is not only fun for the little ones but also for everyone interested in science and the universe. These fiction books form an interesting collection:

  • The secret key of the universe , 2007
  • The cosmic treasure , 2009
  • The origin of the universe , 2011
  • George and the unbreakable code , 2014
  • George and the blue moon , 2016

The books written by Stephen and his daughter are suitable for children from 8 years old . At least that is what the co-author, Lucy Hawking, who made this funny and entertaining collection with four hands, mentioned it. She explained in an interview that her father was in charge of everything related to scientific topics and explanations about it in the simple terms that characterized Stephen.

And the story of George, the protagonist of the novels, is that of a very curious child who knows his neighbors: Annie and her father; the latter is scientific and from your hand we will know the fascinating explanations about the universe.

Adventures, trips to space, reflections on the care of the Earth, friends and much, much science we will find in this beautiful collection ideal for children and all those interested in science and the Universe.

On other occasions we have talked about books for children that all adults should read and this collection can be added to those recommendations.

Now, if your thing is not fiction but Science, Hawking's informative titles are an excellent option . For example, in The universe in a nutshell tells us about the universe and everything that is around it; we know the history of cosmology and the discoveries of scientists like Aristotle, Copernicus, Galileo, Keppler, Newton , among others. The best thing about this book is that it has cartoons!

What is clear to us with these titles is the great informative work done by Stephen Hawking throughout his life. It's our turn to take advantage of it.

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