Syria: the return of the Cold War? This time its much hotter!

According to the UN Secretary-General, the Cold War is back between the United States and Russia.

Back to the past between #UnitedStates and #Russia? Indeed, relations between the US and Russia have deteriorated sharply due to concerns over a US-led military attack in the Middle East, which prompted the UN Secretary-General to declare that "The cold war is back." 

A tension of relations which concerns the first world power, but also the rest of the West. As many years ago, during the time of the great power of the USSR, Russia seems to be isolated again on the international stage.

UN wants to calm the situation 

Guterres, apparently alarmed by the speed of events, said during a Security Council emergency meeting of the #UnitedNations that the current volatility could have profound ramifications in the Middle East and beyond. 

The UN Secretary-General suggested that the danger was even greater than during the Cold War, because the safeguards that existed to deal with such a crisis no longer seem to exist.

He added that there was no military solution to the Syrian conflict. The UN is playing the card of appeasement ... a map not really fashionable by the times.
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