Social listening: the era of the customer is proclaimed on social networks!

The customer era is here. For a company, it has become impossible to ignore the remarks and opinions of consumers, at the risk of suffering the consequences. But it is often very difficult to identify, or worse, to analyze everything that is said about his business on the billions of pages on the web.

And yet, which company does not perceive the importance of listening to its target , understanding it or detecting the beginning of a crisis that could impact its reputation? All this, Social listening allows it. Let's take stock of this more and more widespread practice.

What is social listening? 

It is a practice to collect and analyze all the digital traces of a structure, taking into account the millions of conversations and daily publications of the web. Among the vertiginous number of sources in which these tools can draw: blogs, webzines, e-presses, social networks, etc. No more, then, to peel thousands of forums looking for an instance of your brand ... 

And it is not only to collect data , but to analyze them to be able to use them intelligently. More concretely, for a company, to use a social listening tool is to know in real time that a potential crisis on his latest product is being born on Twitter or on the contrary, that he is acclaimed on a forum of his sector. Not only is she alerted very quickly, but it also allows her to react as quickly as possible, one way or the other. The major advantage of this type of solution is that it allows the company to listen to its customers and their remarks.

Identify their problems, desires and frustrations far beyond what a tiny portion of them share on the brand's social networks. We understand all that this implies in terms of customer relationship ... Social listening can also be a valuable tool to identify new consumption trends of its target, which would not have been detected by conventional marketing studies, or any simply data on its target itself. Information that can be used to launch new products , or redirect its offer , for example.

A revolution in all areas 

Social listening does not only revolutionize data collection, it also impacts a large part of business practices: 

Marketing: Imagine launching a new service for 25-34 year olds. Through social listening, you can identify the gender, city and occupation of people who are interested in your field of activity. Data that can help you develop your product and promote it in the right way.

Social media management: thanks to the social listening, it becomes possible to adapt very finely its posts to its target , since one knows exactly who she is and what passionate her. A real gold mine!

Social selling: this practice of selecting, listening to and interacting with prospects via social networks can also benefit from social listening. Thanks to him, you can refine as much as possible your way of addressing them, since you will have collected on them what to carry out your sales pitch ...

The e-reputation: social listening allows you to anticipate, from where it starts , a bad buzz that threatens to spread and affect your e-reputation. Once you have identified the problem, you can take action before the situation becomes too big.

Customer Relationship: The ability to identify problems, wants and frustrations is one of the keys to customer relationship. What social listening allows is to recover this data well beyond the advice received by its customer service, whether it is telephone or online.

Thanks to social listening, you can know that a customer complained about your last product on a forum 10 minutes ago! Or that he complained about the product/service of your competitor ... interesting! Isn't it? ;)
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