Netflix contacts a subscriber who has watched 188 series episodes in a row!

#Netflix is watching over you, for better and for worse.
Netflix: Pixabay
A user of the streaming video platform was able to check it. This one happily chained 188 episodes of the series ' #The Office ' on Netflix in just a week. What was his surprise when Netflix sent him an email to check if the young man was fine. 

Netflix is ​​worried about its users

The young man, out of school and looking for a job, told his story on Reddit forums three years after having lived this experience. The bulimic of 'The Office' was pleasantly surprised by Netflix's concerned reaction to his abnormal binge-watching.

"It's been a lot of good to know that someone, even if it's a stranger working for customer service, is concerned about my mental health. "

The young man was indeed depressed during this week during which he chained 188 episodes of 'The Office'. If it is clear that in this particular case, Netflix's e-mail must have pleased this person, who felt suddenly less alone, it proves that the streaming video service is very interested in close to the activity of its subscribers, until considering its methods as a violation of privacy.

Netflix is ​​watching you

Netflix uses the personal data of its subscribers and does not hide it. In fact, the service initially uses its algorithms to refine its interface according to the programs that might interest you. Subsequently, Netflix analyzes the data to target the weakest moments in a series, or if users stopped watching after a particular episode. These algorithms are supposed to allow Netflix to create a "perfect" storyboard structure that would keep viewers on the run for the rest of the season.

On the other hand, Netflix sometimes reveals some crisp details regarding the use of its service by its subscribers.
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