China to send 'Plants and Silk Worms' on Moon in Nov-Dec 2018

China is going to send plants and silk worms to the hidden side of the Moon with the Chang'e-4 mission.

The Chang'e-4 mission of the Chinese space program, which will be the first in history to land on the hidden -not obscure- side of the Moon, has a space reserved for an experiment proposed by students.

Of the more than 200 proposals, the chosen one is a terrarium of 18 × 16 centimeters inside which a nutritious substrate will travel in which will be planted Potato and arabidopsis seeds as well as Silkworm Eggs. It will also carry a supply of water and the air that fits inside, although the designers of the experiment expect that the plants will germinate and produce oxygen that allows the Silkworms to continue breathing.

For this the container has to be maintained at a temperature between 1 and 30 degrees Celsius even though the temperature of the Moon varies from below -100ºC to above 100ºC. There is also the problem of light, because the lunar days last 14 Earth days followed by another 14 days of darkness.

The experiment will take a Camera and various sensors to collect data on its development and even speculate on the possibility that it may transmit live images.

It is planned that Chang'e-4 will be launched in November or December 2018 . It uses the hardware that was built as a backup of the Chang'e-3 mission so it will also consist of a lander and a rover.
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