China lacks water and makes it rain in Tibet'

China is funding an innovative project to increase rainfall in Tibet.

The most important water reservoir of fresh water in China is born from the underground basins of Tibet, although this region is one of the most arid of the earth: to consider a desert area must fall less than 250 milliliters of rain a year, on Tibet they fall a few more, 360 to be precise. Therefore, China has decided to finance an absolutely innovative program to increase rainfall in this region.

This plan could increase rainfall by 10 billion cubic meters per year, about 7% of the country's total water needs.

The ambitious project

The basis of the project is a redevelopment of a military plan that initially was to be used to put in trouble enemy countries in the event of war, creating unfavorable weather conditions such as floods, tornadoes and droughts.

The project involves the construction of tens of thousands of combustion chambers, which will gradually cover an area of ​​1.6 million square kilometers. Solid fuel will be burned in the chambers to produce silver iodide particles . The silver iodide particles will be hit by the upward current of the monsoons loaded with humidity from South Asia, causing the long-awaited precipitation.

The system is totally ecological, since combustion releases only steam and the machines are powered entirely by solar energy, also very economical compared to other systems such as aircraft or cannons with which to inseminate the clouds.

The technique of insemination of the clouds through silver iodide is not new: as early as 1946 the well-known climatologist Bernard Vonnegut used this technique to alter the crystalline structure of the clouds, but China is the first nation to use this technique on such a large scale.

In Italy in 2005 the Ministry of the Environment had made available 3,615,000 Euros to finance an artificial cloud stimulation project, called the Rain Project.

The first results

The first results after mounting about 500 rooms look good. The executor of the plan, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, founded in July 1999, is the leading state-owned company for the Chinese space program which designs, develops and manufactures spacecraft, launch vehicles, tactical missile systems and strategic and ground devices.
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