Cambridge Analytica is not reflected in Facebook's financial results

The social media platform has reached 1,450 million active users despite campaigns to eliminate the social network after the scandal of data theft.

The data theft to more than 87 million people by Cambridge Analytica was a crisis of confidence for Facebook. The data protection policies and the measures to ensure the personal information of their users were put in check and Mark Zuckerberg continues explaining the operation of the company.

In spite of everything, the social network has confirmed its good run in the financial results of the Q1 of 2018 . The #DeleteFacebook campaign to eliminate the platform after the controversy over data theft has not had the expected effect, or at least not for the moment. Facebook has reached 1,450 million active users , an increase of 3.57% compared to the previous quarter. Monthly users reached 2,200 million.

On the other hand, the profits of the company amounted to almost 12 billion dollars in the first months of this year with respect to the approximately 8 million during the same period of 2017. As for the shares, there has been a gain of 1.69 dollars per share , according to Wall Street estimates.

The net income of Facebook amounted to 4.99 billion dollars , almost 2 million more than last year. Time after the figures were presented, the company's shares rose more than 5%.

The data presented on Wednesday, April 25 highlight that the scandal that marked a before and after for Facebook has not had a clear influence on the numbers of the company . However, we must also bear in mind that the case of Cambridge Analytica did not come to light until last March and it is possible that the reactions of users or advertisers have not yet had the expected impact . The Q2 earnings report could be more representative in this regard.

Mark Zuckerberg described the controversy as "important challenges" the company has had to overcome and, despite the beginning of 2018, the CEO of the platform warned that from the company they are "adopting a broader vision of our responsibility and investing for ensure that our services are used forever, "in addition to continuing to create tools to help people connect and strengthen communities.

Good news for Facebook

The results of the first quarter have been good news for Facebook after more than an intense month and with disagreements between the company and the authorities . The appearance of Zuckerberg in the Senate and in the United States Congress answered some questions about what happened with Cambridge Analytica but also left some questions about how Facebook handles personal data. In the next earnings report we can see if these problems have had a real impact on the company .
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