An 'App' that tells you everything the social networks knows about you!

Next to Google, Facebook is probably the other giant technology company that knows the most about you. The amount of information that can only be collected from the social network and the way in which its technology can analyze all the interactions we carry out in it, are enough to create a fairly detailed profile of who we are .

About this fact is that the Data Selfie application wants to help us have a clearer perspective. It is an extension for Chrome open source that helps you discover the tracking of information carried out by Facebook when you use it, and shows you how artificial intelligence and algorithms use your data to discover your personality.

Tracking what Facebook tracks

Data Selfie is basically a crawler tracker. While you are active the extension will work in the background and will be looking at everything you publish, what you see, how long you look at it, where you click, and what you like. The more you use Facebook, the more data you collect.

Then the program takes all that data and applies algorithms of language processing of the artificial intelligence system Watson of IBM and also of the University of Cambridge, to show you the power of machine learning when creating a detailed profile about you depending on simply what you do on Facebook.

Data Selfie does not store your data anywhere except on your own computer.

They only pass the necessary through their servers and the Watson APIs and Apply Magic Sauce without including your personal information such as name, gender, etc. The code of the application is available on your GitHub page. For now the application can only analyze the content of the posts you see if they are written in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Predictions based on what you write only work in English, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic.
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