6 Tips to Make Your Linkedin Attractive for Businesses

Printing the resume, putting it under your arm and going out looking for a job is already an outdated tactic and the internet has helped a lot in this quest. One of the most used platforms in the world is LinkedIn, a social network that unites employees to employers and currently has more than 29 million users in Brazil alone. The main secret of the network is to have a profile that stands out and draws the attention of employers.

 Never lie 

 Achieving the requirements of an opportunity can be an arduous task and the temptation to exaggerate skills is always present. However, inventing certification in a course or switching from "Basic" to "Advanced" in fluency in a second language, for example, is a terrible way to try to excel.

Be seen 

In an era of frenetic profusion of selfies, it is unacceptable that the LinkedIn profile continues without the employer having any idea who the person is. According to Fabio Procopio, companies will not hire for the visual, but a presentable photograph increases the credibility of the candidate. It does not have to be a photograph of arms crossed, in a suit or tie, especially if your personality, expectations and lifestyle escape traditionalism or casting systems.


Based on a very complete profile, it is essential to add your "Skills", that is, your skills. In addition, the indications of third parties are very important to validate your mastery. Therefore, indicate to be indicated whenever possible, the payoff counts a lot in this factor.

Be accessible 

After drafting a curriculum, it does not make sense to keep it private, even because companies will hardly be able to get in touch. Similarly, it is crucial to maintain an engagement on the site, "So share information, news, short information posted by people and comment. This is very important because it shows that you are active there, that you are interested," the expert recommends. .

Visit and be visited 

LinkedIn also lets users know who has visited your profile, and unfortunately, this option is underestimated. Knowing who visited the profile is a strategic advantage and a chance to win new contacts. So if a professional has viewed your profile, it is advisable to return the visit.


Just like in any social network, the excesses are also not well seen in LinkedIn. Contact with various professionals can be exciting, but adding people deliberately is not a good strategy and the focus is critical. The coach stresses that it is indispensable to use the social network in an intelligent way because otherwise, your profile may turn against you. Therefore, your profile should not contain photos that you would post to Facebook for example, or polarized and polarized political positions.
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