Facebook arrives for children, socials land in the Under 12 World

Announced 'Messenger Kids', a new App that will create a community for children only.

The social universe is about to open its doors to the world of teenagers. Up to now, few large technological companies had dared to create online products for children under 12. Yesterday, instead, Facebook presented the app called " #Messenger Kids " for this age group. A software that asks parents to give their approval so that children can send messages, add filters and scribble on photos that are sent to each other. A new generation of users in the universe of ever expanding #social media.

 Facebook has therefore rekindled a vibrant debate about how "young people are too young" to use the app and how parents face the constant creep of technology in family life, especially because some of them fight to reduce the amount of time that the children spend in front of a screen.
"Messenger Kids", according to Mark Zuckerberg  , provides parents with the ability to control what their children do. There is the possibility to completely check the contact list, and children can not connect with contacts that parents do not approve in advance.
Social networks invade the family sphere
The official entry of Facebook into the children's market is a watershed moment for both families and social networks. Preadolescents and teenagers have been pouring out for some time on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, sites of general interest also used by Under 13. Without forgetting that preadolescenti are often the first users of text messages or audio through the WhatsApp platform .
Only a handful of messaging and social apps, like Kudos , are designed for younger children, of course, to be used with parental supervision.
Until now even large technology companies had been reluctant to create sites for children with a parental consent system for fear of violating the law.
In 2011, for example, in the United States a virtual operator who had been acquired by Walt Disney Company agreed to pay three million dollars to deal with the Federal Trade Commission's allegations that he would illegally collect and disclose personal information from children under 13 without parental consent.
The guarantees provided on a controlled environment
Facebook now affirms that "Messenger Kids" will provide a more controlled environment for the types of activities that are already registered on smartphones and tablets of family members. The Zuckerberg colossus claims to have spent months talking with groups of parents, behavioral experts and security organizations to support app development, as well as thousands of hours interviewing families about the ways in which members communicate with each other.
"At the moment - said David Marcus, vice president of Facebook messaging products - the time that children spend on devices is very passive". Today, Facebook's terms of service require users to be at least 13 years old. Messenger Kids is built in such a way that children do not sign up for new accounts personally, but require an adult with a profile to start the configuration. After the adults have entered the information they are asked to create the profile of the child and which friends or relatives will be able to connect.
 Each additional friend request includes parent approval. The app has a fairly limited scope, allowing text and video chat and sending photos. Like with Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, kids can add filters or playful designs to the photos they send. Loren Cheng, product director for Messenger Kids, said that "Facebook will not use details collected by children for marketing purposes. The company will not automatically convert children's profiles into adult accounts when they turn 13. "

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