WhatsApp Beta Update: Develop New Features

Interesting news comes with the new update of one of the most used apps by users.
WhatsApp Beta Update: Develop New Features

You know, social networks are one of the most popular places for internet users, but not only: recently, there has been an increase in the use of #WhatsApp (a few years ago in the Facebook family and Instagram) not only from who is surfing and using the internet on a daily basis, but also by many adults, who do not have a lot of surfing, but simply use the app to communicate, whether they are written or spoken messages. It is an application that is effectively replacing SMS and phone calls, since it is much more immediate and allows not only a couple but also a group conversation. For example, the convenience of group chat is why many adults have decided to know and learn the features of WhatsApp, which together with Telegram is one of the most used social media messaging services, whether written or spoken.

About Whatsapp, an interesting update for Android beta has recently been launched to improve the capabilities and functionality of this application. Let's look at the novelty in the new update.
Whatsapp update for group chat
WhatsApp developers have launched a new update that improves group function , especially for those with a high number of participants (at least 10): in a few words, a search function that will allow you to search for the name that interests without scrolling through the entire list of names. The new feature will be available with the release of update 2.17.407 and should therefore go to facilitate a feature that is probably one of the most used ones.

Think about the world of work or the sport world, if you try to make statistics about using large group chat, you will see how it is one of the most used features. Think of a group of 20 people, if you want to find a specific list name , the procedure may be long or you may miss a name: here's the search function by entering the desired name, it will be easy and immediate to find it in the list. How do I activate this search function?

How to activate search for people in WhatsApp groups

The search function activation mode is very simple: going to info groups you can read the number of group chat participants. Next you will find a magnifying glass, just type it and then enter the name you are looking for in the group chat. An introduction we consider to be very useful as it speeds up and helps communicate with individual members of the group chat. So we can only support and appreciate the new update released. And what do you think? Comment below.

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