Facebook is experimenting with the system to block OS images

Facebook is experimenting with the system to block OS images

The social network wants to block the sharing of intimate photos published without permission.

Facebook wants to prevent users from posting photos pushed without an appropriate check. Zuckerberg's company is working to limit OS share to a maximum through a special recognition software that automatically deletes photos. The goal is to curb revenge and blackmail from people who threaten to publish social video clips and videos to get money or other favors. In particular, Facebook is testing a system that uses image recognition to instantly locate photos and delete them instantly. The company started an experimental phase in Australia with the contribution of the Office of the Commissioner for Electronic Security.

Julie Inman Grant said that so many people had expressed concern over the abuse of #sexy images on Facebook . 'Basically, it will be how to send the image by e-mail and is definitely a safer way than the current one.'

'It will be how to send the image by email'

According to the electronic security manager with this new system, the photos will not stay forever in memory. 'It is not stored l' image but uses an artificial intelligence system and other photo-matching technology '. In essence, the click is loaded or not through a fingerprint system. It should be noted that Antigone Davis , head of world security at Facebook , said that 'community security and well-being is our priority'.

The manager explained that the social network is working to protect its members' content and images: 'Within our ongoing efforts to better locate and remove content that violates our community standards'.

The experimental phase started from Australia

Davis stressed that the sharing system will be used to block #intimate, non-consensual images on Facebook . "These tools, developed in collaboration with global security experts, are an example of how we are using new technologies to keep people safe and prevent damage." The US company has started experimenting in Australia and in the coming months will extend the new image blocking system in some parts of the old continent and in the United States .
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