United States: Trump blames Cuba for mysterious attack on American diplomats.

American diplomats in Havana felt bad and had to return to the United States.
United States: Trump blames Cuba for mysterious attack on American diplomats.

President Donald Trump said on Monday (16), who "believes that Cuba is responsible" by the mysterious attacks that struck at least 22 diplomats from US and family in Havana. "I believe the charge in Cuba, I believe it, "said Trump at the Rose Garden.

A strong accusation

Investigators continue to analyze the circumstances over 50 attacks that may have involved the use of an acoustic device, a US official told CNN. According to him, is a very sophisticated device, it was out of reach of the audible sound, being so damaging that a US diplomat now needs to make use of a hearing aid. Three US officials told CNN last week that the device was deployed inside or outside the homes of US diplomats living in Havana.

What exactly did they feel?

For months, since late last year, US diplomats in Havana have complained about incidents, often late at night in their homes or hotel rooms, that have left them feeling ill. Sometimes they were plagued by a sudden wave of nausea, dizziness, and headaches accompanied by strange insect-like sounds or metal scratching the floor.

Questions also continue to linger over the Cuban government's involvement in the attacks, as experts say the country probably does not have enough scientific knowledge to launch such a sophisticated operation. On Thursday, Trump's chief of staff John Kelly did not directly accuse the Cuban government of carrying out the attacks, but he told reporters: "We believe the government can stop the attacks on our diplomats."

Still some doubt

Senior officials, there have repeatedly said in recent weeks that they have not yet determined who is performing the attacks or what exactly is causing the resulting illness. Many current and former officials say they doubt that Cuba is responsible. "The question no one seems to ask is why Cubans would do such a thing?” Steven L. Garrett, who taught acoustics at Penn State University before retiring last year, told CNN last week. "Cubans are not known for sophistication in physical and engineering acoustics," continued Garrett.

A US official told CNN that they are investigating whether a third country would be involved as a form of "revenge" for actions the US took elsewhere that "led to a split between the US and Cuba."
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