Parents fell asleep with their baby and woke up with moment of horror

It is serving as an alert for all parents not to do so. Lauren Jordan, a 23-year-old mother, was tired after a busy day as she lay with her newborn baby. Little Harrison was still awake, and she wanted to make him sleepy, and then she would put him in her crib.

However, her intention was no more than that and she soon fell asleep with the boy and Kieran Jones, his 22-year-old partner, the father of his son. They woke up a few hours later, when the worst had already happened. The case took place in Crowborough, East Sussex, and is serving as an alert for all newborn parents.

 For Lauren, her world collapsed the moment she woke up and realized that her son did not respond. They even tried to reanimate the boy, trying several resuscitation maneuvers for fifteen minutes, until the paramedics arrived. In fact, Lauren knew that the worst had already happened, so she looked at the boy. "I could just tell by his color that he was not breathing, he was not hot, but he was not cold," said the mother. "I just knew it and started screaming 'no, no'. At that moment, I woke Kieran," she recalled the moment she realized her son was dead. The couple is now in court, explaining themselves, by this enormous tragedy.

Although everyone feels their pain, this inquiry is part, but it is being heartbreaking for them to remember this unfortunate episode, needing to tell every detail of what happened that night. Lauren told them that they had given the baby milk, but that he did not sleep. It was about 10.30, when she decided to put him between the couple, for him to fall asleep, while they watched a little TV. "I woke up at 4 am I looked at his crib, thinking that Kieran had put it there," Lauren recalled. Unfortunately, they had both fallen asleep, and the boy stood in their midst.

 Pathologist Mudher Al-Adrani concluded in his examinations that Harrison's death was accidental and said that it was an "unexplained death in childhood," but it was possible that he had been squeezed by his parents asleep or until his warm bodies had increased body temperature. Summing up the case, Scott Mathewson said that this "painful case" was a warning to all parents not to take their babies to bed with them. It was a message he had to repeat over and over, he added. Speaking after the inquest, Lauren also issued a plea to parents to place babies in their own cribs.

"We did not intend to fall asleep with him, but we were exhausted and it happened." Sometimes, it's good to get that bond, but people need to talk to prevent it from happening to other parents, "she said.

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