Judge Humiliates And Condemns Teacher 'too attractive'; Look

A 23-year-old boy left the courtroom sobbing after hearing the judge's words. A young teacher sobbed in the courtroom when she heard the words of Juiz. She entered the room in London, England, knowing she was risking a prison sentence after engaging a 15-year-old student. What she would not be expecting would be the words of the judge who did not spare the young teacher's performance at all. Alice McBrearty, 23, was accused of having a relationship with a minor child for four months.

How the teacher seduced the boy?

Supposedly, Professor Alice used social networks to get in touch with the 15-year-old. It was she who asked the student's friendship on Facebook, and made him feel special. From virtual friendship, they began to meet to dine out. Acting almost like a normal couple.

She would also have offered him gifts, as was described in the London court. Then it was also alleged that the teacher kissed the young man in the classroom before taking him to a hotel and also to his parents' home, where the two became more intimately involved. Alice was accused of having performed some sexual acts in the car and in a garage as a "birthday present".

All this was happening during the four months of the relationship that this 23-year-old woman maintained with the 15-year-old boy, who does not have his identity revealed by legal protection. The relationship ended when the boy's father went to the police after getting his son's phone records.

The student was interviewed by police officers, social workers and admitted the case. The father said the family was "terrified" of the impact of the case, not only with their son, but with the "honor" of the family.

Judge humiliated teacher

She finished the court session sobbing, in the words of the judge. The woman was arrested for 16 months after pleading guilty to seven counts of sexual activity with a minor. During the verdict, Judge Sheelagh Canavan said, "You engaged in a full sexual relationship with a 15-year-old child. Do I accept that he was consenting, after all, that a 15-year-old student would refuse such a handsome offer?

I accept that you really believed that this was a great novel, you were in love with it and vice versa, and nothing else mattered. But you should keep it safe, to help you make the right decisions. , you helped him to make all the mistakes. He was precisely at the age when one is at the mercy of hormones. "

For the judge, it would be difficult for a teenager to refuse a woman as beautiful as Alice. So he ended up blaming her completely on that one. The judge described Alice McBrearty as a "bright, intelligent and gifted young woman who knew she was wrong." Hence, he stated that she has committed a "gross breach of trust", calling into question the distancing between a teacher who teaches and a student who is being taught.

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