Health: Researchers develop 'smart vaccine' comprehensive against Pneumonia

Results were published this Friday (20) in 'Science Advances'. According to scientists, it is the most comprehensive vaccine against causative bacteria ever produced.

A new Vaccine under development against pneumonia may be the hardest blow against the disease, according to a study published on Friday (20) in Science Advances. According to the researchers, it is the most comprehensive coverage against the disease to date. The immunizer includes additional strains of the causative bacteria and even anticipates future versions.

The vaccine tested triggered an immune response against 72 forms of the bacterium penumoniae in tests performed on rats and rabbits. Still, the vaccine is intelligent and designed to have two advantages: it produces a good immune response and only kills bacteria about to attack.

Better nutrition programs and better access to antibiotics have already had an impact on reducing the number of pneumonia cases in the world - according to the World Health Organization, pneumonia has killed more than 2 million children worldwide in 2004; and by 2015 the figure was less than 1 million. However, the authors believe, for more advances, more efficient immunizers are needed.

Smarter vaccine

In addition to the increased coverage, the vaccine differs from today's researchers, because it causes the immune system to "attack" the bacteria only when it leaves the colony and causes disease.
This is fundamental for two reasons: 1) some bacteria are beneficial to the body and are important for maintaining good health; 2) Indiscriminate killing of bacteria may contribute to the phenomenon of bacterial resistance - when these pathogens no longer respond to existing drugs.

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