Health: Eating spaghetti can save us from infarction: a study shows it

Health: Eating spaghetti can save us from infarction: a study shows itThe Institute of Life Sciences at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa has discovered a food that works by natural by-pass.

For years, science has been studying foods as "medicines", capable of providing useful nutrients to the body to fight the most common Pathologies. Adolescents, for example, rich in omega 3, reduce cholesterol and fight inflammation. A healthy lifestyle and a nutrition rich in fruit and vegetables can be more effective than any drug.

The study conducted by the Institute of Life Sciences of Sant'Anna of Pisa and published on "Scientific Reports"

In interesting recently published research results have shown that you could avoid ' #infraction, eating a special paste made in Italy, that uses wheat flour and barley flour rich in beta glucan , a fiber that would serve as by natural pass for coronary arteries. Experimentation was carried out on mice.
Taking this type of pasta has caused it to form by natural passes through which the heart tissue received nourishment despite the occlusion of a coronary.
The study has also shown that eating beta-glucose barley pasta regularly promotes vascular growth, that is, blood vessels that are collateral to the heart. A protein, the park in the functional pasta reduces the risk of coronary ischemia. Eating barley paste also did not run the risk of increased insulin levels and would not get fat. This is really an innovative and non-invasive therapy .
 In fact, methods to counter the occlusion of arteries are often invasive and sometimes it is used for vasodilators. Barley paste with beta glucan can be used on healthy subjects to prevent the onset of heart attack.
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