Health: Chinese girl loses sight because of Smartphone

Identified just like Wu, she misses the sight from the right eye for playing too many hours with the Smartphone. 
Health: Chinese girl loses sight because of Smartphone

The girl notes how Wu lost to sight.

Twenty-year-old Dongguan, China, lost her right eye because of the prolonged use of Smartphone that caused a serious retinal obstruction. Apparently, the girl would suddenly notice having an eye problems during a #king of glory match on her smartphone, one of the most popular games at the moment in the world. Wu, who has been playing for many hours, has attributed the absence of the wearer to the tiredness of many sleepless nights devoted to climbing the levels of the game. The girl goes to sleep but at her awakening, the problem had not vanished.

The worried parents carried her to the nearest hospital where she was diagnosed with a very traumatic pathology: Retinal artery obstruction. Typical illness in advanced age, but Wu’s eyes was overloaded with fatigue during attention in the game.

The girl admitted to spending 8 to 9 hours a day playing with the smartphone, during the rest of her day she worked in front of a computer monitor and slept for only a few hours. During her vacation days, Wu made a 12-hour no-stop marathon at the aforementioned King of Glory game.
Ophthalmologists recommend, from the advent of the technological age, to be careful with the screens.

These extremely light sources tire the eye muscles, which, by surrendering, may engulf the retina and lead to severe and chronic disabling pathologies such as partial blindness or paralysis.
It is considered essential to perform multiple pauses while working at the computer and try to look distant to relieve stress. According to recent studies, blue light, emitted by monitors, especially as it is used in close-up, seems to cause particular disorders of sleep quality, affecting in particular sleeping and waking alternatives.

In the case of this hypertension, the situation is apparent having the perception of feeling more active at the end of the day, but in the wake of the hours the over-excitation does not diminish and causes sleep disturbances. Obviously, the next day you will have drowsy sleep given the little rest of the night. The problem persists and insists also involving the lumbar back, under stress for the unnatural positioning employed during work on a PC rather than on a tablet.

You have to take the necessary precautions, not exceeding in interactive games and working responsibly, placing yourself as the first goal of self-help.

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