Breaking Now: WhatsApp prepares a super novelty 'Group Voice Call'

Breaking Now: WhatsApp prepares a super novelty 'Group Voice Call'
If you use WhatsApp, it's good to be preparing for one of the biggest new features ever released by the app.

The #WhatsApp is one of the most used applications and is present in almost every smartphone. The company has been trying to stay on top and, to overcome the competition, has done everything to please the public, always bringing news. This one that is to come is one of those that promise to revolutionize the APP. Imagine that you are talking to your mother at home, but you also want to talk to your father. Two calls are needed today, but one will be enough soon.

What if you want to talk to your friends at once? Or if you need to talk to your work team? Thinking about it, WhatsApp is working on a new tool to offer group voice calling.

The WABetaInfo is a profile on Twitter that always brings news about WhatsApp and well in advance, and it was anticipated that this more to the millions of users of the application. They says that they have strong references that the company is investing heavily in this tool, believing that it will be very important to keep the app among the most downloaded.

There is no prediction of when group voice calling will be available in WhatsApp because it is a very complex process. Anything new needs to be extensively tested by developers and then only available to a small group of users so they can identify potential flaws. Then the tool returns to the developers, who provide all the fixes. In the next phase, the user group tests again and if everything is ok, the company begins to make the news available only to some countries and gradually releases to the rest of the world.

It should be noted that WhatsApp is still working on other functions, which need to be released as soon as possible. Among them is the new feature that makes it possible to delete a message that has already been sent, but this is only possible if the recipient has not yet read it. Some beta versions of the app already offer this feature and were already made available to everyone. However, apparently, there is a problem that has not yet enabled the launch of the tool.

Voice calling in WhatsApp is new to the application. However, it is already an old feature in other apps, for example on Skype. The Facebook Messenger also already has voice group call. This option was available to its users last year, that is, WhatsApp, in fact, is quite late in this question.

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