Bitcoins: Beware, You may be mining crypto-coins for somebody and you do not even know

There are a lot of people who are currently mining crypto-coins for third parties and do not know, you can be one of these.
Bitcoins: Beware, You may be mining crypto-coins for somebody and you do not even know

Maybe you've already felt like mining some crypto-video, but you gave up because you do not think you have the right equipment, but you know that more than 500 million people around the world are doing this service and they do not even know it. Adguard, a company specializing in blocking ads, made a revelation that made everyone suspicious.

The AdGuard has one of the most effective ads blocking programs and thus decided to analyze the sites for scripts Mining virtual currencies and the discovery was surprising. Everyone already knows that some sites use web browsers to mine, but nobody thought there were so many people doing this service, without even having an idea of what was happening.

The company analyzed the 100,000 first sites on Alexa's list and the revelation is really incredible. Andrey Meshkov, co-founder, and director of Adguard, was so impressed with what he saw that he made it his fault to reveal to the world the discovery: there are hundreds of websites using scripts so that browsers of Internet users can mine crypto-money and the surprises do not stop there, because, among the four largest, Brazil is one of the main targets.

So, stay tuned when visiting a website because you can be exploited without knowing it. Pirate TV and video sites are the ones that use the browser most frequently to browse. Erotic movie sites are also able to mine Crypto-money, thanks to internet users who like to consume this type of content.
The video sites are the most used to mine hidden because of the surfer accesses, put the video to run and stays with the page open for a long period.

Beware of Bitcoins

Ideally, sites would ask the Internet user to use their processor for mining. It's just that the ads appear on the websites, without asking if you want to see them. So, there are a lot of people thinking that they have the right to use their processor to mine, that there is nothing wrong and it's even fair because that way you would be contributing to keeping the page you are visiting.

The subject is controversial and divides opinions. Many companies are already struggling to figure out a way to identify siege sites and block them, but while nothing is done, millions of people around the world are being used, most of whom have no idea what the that it is mining, what it is for and how it can generate some money.

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