Apple: The Mac Mini is not dead, Tim Cook's word

Apple's No. 1 takes away the doubts about the Mac Mini, a "low-cost" version of the well-known Cupertino desktop system lineup.
Apple: The Mac Mini is not dead, Tim Cook's word

Along with iPhone, iPad, and iPod, one of Apple 's top-line product lineups is certainly represented by #Mac. On the one hand, there are the iMac, very useful all-in-one systems in the workplace and the MacBook, portable PCs that combine productivity with the mobility needs of the user. Until a few years ago, however, this range of products included the so-called Mac Mini.

The Mac Mini is nothing more than a small version of the iMac we are accustomed to. It consists of a box of small dimensions to connect to a display, a keyboard, and a mouse. The Mac Mini, though sacrificing overall system performance, had a much more affordable price than an iMac, and its compact size made it suitable for a certain range of users in the workplace.

The Mac Mini will be upgraded, but starting next year

Even though the product's usefulness is in the workplace, three years have passed since Apple marketed the latest version. Meanwhile, the technology had gone a long way, and even though it was an Apple brand, it was beginning to be replaced by more prestigious alternatives. Additionally, the time distance made the assumption of abandonment of the product by the company insinuated.

It seems that, compared to what network circles, Apple does not agree. In fact, Tim Cook, in response to an employee's email, confirms that the Mac version of the Mac is still present in business plans, and also supports the release of a new version of Hypothetics for next year.

Apple CEO, however, wished to maintain some confidentiality with regard to other project data.

The news excites network users

The news has certainly not gone unnoticed. On the net, users express their views on how the new product should be presented, starting with those who support Apple's adoption of a powerful processor, for those who want Apple to "expand" the PC (by inserting other RAM memory banks example).

In any case, that of Apple could be a great move of the market. The Mac Mini has been appreciated by customers since, and their upgrades will make the fans happy. Obviously price permitting, given their rise for the iPhone X and the entire iMac range in general.
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