Pedestrians Injured In Car Collision Near London Museum

Eleven people injured in an accidental crash in front of the London Natural History Museum. At least 11 people were injured when they were hit by a vehicle that took to the curb next to the Museum of Natural History in London , according to the Metropolitan Police of the British capital. Scotland Yard has announced through its Twitter account that this incident is not being investigated as a terrorist act but that it is a traffic accident.

The incident occurred around 13.20 GMT (15.20 in Spain) and several police patrol cars and ambulances were immediately sent to the scene, sources said.

The London ambulance service has reported in a statement that the teams deployed to the area served 11 people, mostly due to injuries to the legs and head. Of these, nine have been hospitalized .

They also indicated that they have arrested an individual , but have not provided any further information.

The images and photographs offered on social networks show material damages caused on the sidewalk and surroundings, as well as a significant presence of armed agents on the ground and a helicopter overflying the area, in the heart of London and one of the busiest of the city.

A video on Twitter (the one that heads this news) shows a man being held by four other people, none of whom is in uniform . Behind this group of individuals you can see a black car with the driver's door open, which seems to have collided with another vehicle.

"There has been a serious incident outside the museum. We are working with the police to provide up-to-date information," the Natural History Museum reported in a tweet.

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